" I'm ready to share my message! "

You've nailed your marketing message fundamentals, got clarity on how you position your business to connect with your target customer and now you're ready to start getting your message out there to build your audience and sales.

Your elevator pitch is a great asset for quickly grabbing attention and sharing the value of what you do at networking events, or when you meet that one connection that might change everything, but... 

to grow your audience and turn them into raving fans and customers you need to step out in front to educate, inspire and motivate them to action and the best way to do that is through story led speaking. 

Whether it's a 20 minute slot at a networking event, a keynote at a conference, a webinar or TEDx talk, when you speak about the problem and solution you offer in an entertaining, engaging and authentic way you will create authority, awareness and sales!

Here's what we can offer you, to help you achieve that.
Buckle up! 
Here's how to start your transformation

Origin Story Signature Talk

Your origin story… the story behind why you fell in love with what you do

… is one of the most powerful speaking and marketing assets you have.

Through your origin story, people can easily relate to and connect with you and  what you offer at an emotional level, so that they see the value and buy into  your message, product, service or idea.

The trouble is that so many of us struggle to find it and then communicate it in a way that is relatable and 

That's where this course comes in...

Story Led Speaking Online Course

There are three categories of speakers:

1) Those that want to but have been held back by doubt and fear;

2) Those that know their presentations are failing to get the engagement and results that they want; and

3) Those that can hold the audience in the palm of their hand, captivating them with stories, humour and a compelling message that inspires action.

I don’t have to ask you which category you’re in …you already know.

If you’re in the first category, you’ve got big goals and dreams and you know that being able to be fully self-expressed and speak confidently will help you make them happen, but something keeps getting in the way, and the longer you leave it the bigger the obstacle seems to become…

...or you’ve managed to do some presenting but you are just getting through and you know that you’re not serving your audience, your message or yourself.

If you’re in the second category, you are gathering confidence but you know that it’s time to develop your skills as a speaker, so that you can powerfully engage the audience with stories, humour and the performance skills that will take them on a journey and motivate them to move forward.

But, whichever category you’re in now, by the very fact that you’re here, tells me some part of you wants to become that third category of speaker. 

Some part of you is serious about taking action to make this happen and this is where the Story Led Speaking course can help.

The Speaking Club Live!

Let's Cut To The Chase... 

There’s no point in learning if you’re not going to take action and put that learning into practice. 

The Speaking Club 'Live' gives you that place to practice and more.

You get a supportive space to:

... test your messaging and stories;
... get feedback on ideas
... practice your speaking skills

and a caring but ‘no bullsh*t’ coach and community to guide your speaking and storytelling growth. 

That's why you need The Speaking Club ‘Live’ Membership.

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