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When I first left my corporate job, I was doing copywriting on the side for companies all over the world to make some money, but that wasn’t what I originally wanted to focus on in my business. What I planned to do was use my business, comedy and performance experience to coach speakers, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders that wanted to create and deliver powerful presentations.

The trouble was that in many cases where people wanted to use speaking or live video to grow their business, they didn’t have the fundamentals in place…
• They weren’t clear on the three pillar stories relating to them or their customer;
• They didn’t have an irresistible offer; and/or
• They didn’t understand the journey they needed to take their customer on to get a sale

This meant that no matter how compelling their delivery was… it was unlikely they would get results.
I’d been studying sales, influencing and marketing since 2011, when my first business failed, and so I started coaching my clients on how to get the foundational clarity they needed for business growth…and as it turned out I needed to coach many of my copywriting clients through this process too, in order for my copy to get results for them!

Eventually, more of my time was taken up by coaching on these things than the speaking coaching…and it hit me that I could have a bigger impact if I combined the two. That’s when I decided to create Story Led Marketing…and today I coach clients on how to get clarity and leverage the power of storytelling and humour in their marketing and speaking to create a pipeline of dream customers without the constant hustle!

If you like the sound of that check out the options below for working with me 'live' and 121!

Sarah :)
Founder, Story Led Marketing
The Foundational Clarity 121 Package
This is a 4-week intensive coaching package that includes 2 hours one to one online coaching per week and unlimited phone and email support. By the end of the month working together you will have:
  • Created your three pillar stories:
  • - Your hero customer before
  • - Your origin story
  • - Your hero customer after
  •  Created your irresistible ‘no brainer’ offer 
  •  An understanding of the customer acquisition journey 
If you are a start-up, or your business is stagnating then this package is for you, but only if you are willing to take action in between coaching calls!

Book a FREE 'Big 3' Audit call to see if you have the business essentials of the 'who', the 'what' and the 'how' in place.. 
The Story Led Marketing Strategy & Plan Package
This is a 4-month coaching package that includes 4 hours one to one online coaching per month and unlimited phone and email support for 12 months. By the end of the year working together you will have:
  • Created your pillar content
  •  Created your story led marketing strategy and plan 
  •  Implemented your traffic pipeline 
  •  Be confidently creating content  
  •   Grown your business
This course is ONLY for you if:
  • You are a graduate of the ‘Stories for Sales’ ‘live’ or ‘online’ boot camp or the Foundational Clarity 121 program; or
  •  You can demonstrate that you meet the foundational clarity criteria 
  •  You are committed to taking action to grow your business 
Live Courses
We run 'Stories For Sales' and 'Story Led Marketing' as 'live' group courses and if you are interested in attending one of these email
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