Why we created a new story led marketing system to attract 
and convert our dream customer...
From our own experience and from the work we’ve done for clients we’ve seen two issues keep coming up, time and again around marketing today…
1. People are more cynical. 
They've seen too many ‘fake’ Ferraris and Mansions hired for a Facebook video ad accompanied by 'easy' solutions and get rich quick promises delivered poolside or near the sea! The result is that:
- our potential customers want value first and a real connection before they will even trust enough to give their email address; and 
-business Owners give up if they don't see results straight away!
2. There is so much noise! 
Both in terms of how to do marketing and bombarding potential customers and this means that:  
- business owners can be too overwhelmed to know where to even start with marketing... and so they don't; and
- for customers the message has to be super focused, valuable and connect on an emotional level to stand the first chance of even getting through.  
It’s all too much!

That is why the game is changing, and why we created a simple system that leads with value and emotion and gives you a map to follow to make marketing work for your business. 

Marketing isn’t easy, but it can be simplified into a system and process that is clear, sensible, doable and gets results, and that’s what this video is about.
This video takes you through the big pieces of our system and why it works.

We’ve developed this system after taking our own skills and experience in business, writing, comedy and theatre and using what works there, blending with what we’ve learned from marketing giants like Gene Schwartz and Russell Brunson.

We’ve had some brilliant results ourselves and for our clients.

The real heart of this issue is that regardless of the product, service and platform you are on, there are some core fundamentals that you need to understand and put in place. This will become the engine of your marketing that helps you connect with your customers in a new way and builds a sustainable pipeline of customers.

Watch this video to see the system and if you want to hop on our live workshop, (yes it genuinely is), to find out about the other big discovery, then click the link below to find out when the next one is.
On the next workshop I will reveal:
1. The ‘BIG 3’ business essentials and how to nail them.
2. What you need to do at each of the six steps with your content to attract and convert a new customer.
3. The copy writing template that you should use in every piece of content
4. The most powerful marketing asset you have and why you’re probably not leveraging it at all or enough!
Whether you’re just starting out and you’re not sure where to begin with marketing, you’ve been on the side-lines waiting for the “right time” to get stuck in, or you’ve been struggling to generate the business results you’ve been hoping for … 2019 can be the big breakthrough year you’ve been waiting for.

Join me to discover how to get your customer’s attention in a new way, that still utilises the most powerful marketing tools around, but meets the new demand for real connection.

I’ll see you there,
Sarah Archer
CEO, Story Led Marketing
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