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Imagine the difference it will make having conversations with people who actively want to work with you because your story has reached them and resonated with them.

The training is FREE, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

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Does this sound familiar?

You get frustrated because you know the value you deliver, and the difference your product or service can make, but you can’t master how to get it across?

You feel like you are losing opportunities because your message is getting lost amongst your competitors?

You want to find the right words to make your product or service stand out and sell itself?

Well you’re in the right place

In this course, you’ll get clarity on your message, define your irresistible offer and discover your origin story and how to leverage it in multiple ways to get more sales.

So…come and create a story that sells without “selling” and grow your business so that you can live life the way you’ve always wanted.
“This course is great value. I now have a better understanding of how to use stories in different ways for my business. I have a clear plan to follow thanks to the workbook to help write lots of different stories and make them work for me rather than them just be 'my sob story'. It will make writing less daunting for me and also faster as I used to procrastinate that kind of thing. I would definitely recommend this course especially if you need to get your message across clearly and your livelihood depends on it."
- Julie Nicholls. Body, Mind Coaching
So many business owners end up settling for less… lowering their expectations of themselves and their business, or even giving up, because they can’t get their message heard and actioned upon by the right people. The people who will love what they have to offer.

That’s because they don’t understand the journey that they have to take their buyer on, and how to use their stories to connect powerfully with their target customer’s problem and pain, in a way that compels them to act.

When you understand how leverage your stories in the right way for your business to connect powerfully with your customer, you can quickly and easily create the right content that sells, expand your brand’s visibility, and drive exponentially more traffic and sales.

The most powerful tools for growing your business are already in your possession… your stories.

This course breaks down for you, step-by-step, how to unlock the door to find and use your stories in a way that gets you more sales.
“Sarah gave a great insight into storytelling, how to use it as a very powerful marketing tool and it has already allowed me to present complex concepts in simple terms. This is not just a sales training. It helps on so many levels! Thank you!   
- Bart Janaszek, Operations Director, Digital Trading
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