It's Time to Switch From Fear of Rejection to Looking Forward to Every Single Sales Consultation!

Introducing the Conversations That Convert Bootcamp!

It happened again didn’t it? 
You piqued their interest with your pitch, got the meeting, showed them how what you do could make a big difference to them… but they didn’t buy, and then you felt rubbish!

You know that your product or service is great but you’re wondering how long you can carry on before people start to say ‘yes’.

Here’s why you may never get the results you want with sales conversations.

Pay attention. 

Because this is important if you want to break free of what’s holding you back.

Lots of people have a dream of running a successful business that helps others and enables them to have the lifestyle they want, but they face a (hidden) barrier that results in so many businesses failing.

What is it?

Before I tell you, let me ask you a question:

If you struggle with sales conversations…which of these applies to you?

  • You avoid sales conversations if you can because you get paralysed by the fear of people thinking you’re sleazy and or rejecting you.
  • When someone cancels you feel a little bit relieved because it means not having to face someone else saying ‘no’.
  • ​‘Selling’ your services makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • ​You guess and fumble your way through sales meetings because you’re not sure exactly what to do.
  • ​You feel like you give too much away during the call.
  • ​You just feel out of your depth and you’re not sure what to do about it.
  • You avoid sales conversations if you can because you get paralysed by the fear of people thinking you’re sleazy and or rejecting you.
  • When someone cancels you feel a little bit relieved because it means not having to face someone else saying ‘no’.
  • ​‘Selling’ your services makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • ​You feel like you give too much away during the call.
  • ​You just feel out of your depth and you’re not sure what to do about it.

After reading those how many apply to you?

Do you feel trapped in a conflict between wanting to get more clients and hating ‘sales’?

It’s time to let go of the 
‘selling is sleazy’ mindset and switch from 
total fear of rejection to looking forward to 
every single sales consultation!
  • The ‘selling is sleazy’ mindset is a way of thinking about conversations with potential customers that will set you up for failure.
  • One that will stop you and second guess you right from the start.
  • ​And causes you a lot of unnecessary stress, frustration and wasted energy along the way.

A ‘selling is sleazy’ mindset is what will keep your business small, or possibly lose it for you! 

The problem is you are buying into a belief about selling that may not even be your own, and your mind is sabotaging your sales conversations to protect your ego. 

At a logical level you know that without ‘selling’ and ‘buying’ the economy and your business would die, but you find it a struggle to combat all of the negative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that you’ve carried around about it for years.

It will keep you avoiding sales conversations.

It’s what will eventually lead you to becoming a ‘desperate’ salesperson which is exactly what you don’t want to be!

And if that applies to you …

The majority of the population are operating from the same mindset, that’s why so many businesses fail.

Our perception of lots of things has been influenced by how and where we grew up. In many cultures, salespeople are portrayed as sleazy, pushy and tricky, all of the things that we’re encouraged not to become as adults. Unfortunately, some of the perceptions many of us carry around, sometimes without even knowing it, are unhelpful and they can get in our way.

As you can see the way you feel about sales is not your fault, there is a lot of inherited baggage around it, but from here on in you do have a choice.

Because you also know deep down that the people who get most success in life and business must have got comfortable with ‘selling’.

It doesn’t matter how good your services and programs are if you can’t convert leads into clients. Your financial results are directly connected to your ability to 'sell' your services.

So, it’s time to learn how to lose the ‘selling is sleazy’ mindset or stay where you are.

What’s Going to Happen to Your Dreams for Your Career, World Changing Idea or Business if you DON’T start thinking from what I call a ‘sales equals transformation’ mindset?
An entrepreneur or business owner with a ‘sales equals transformation’ mindset thinks very differently from the ‘selling is sleazy’ one…
  • Selling is Sleazy business owners care more about what people think of them … business owners with a ‘sales equals transformation’ mindset care more about serving their clients or customers.
  • Selling is Sleazy business owners think the transaction is the seedy side of business … business owners with a ‘sales equals transformation’ mindset love the transaction because it’s the start of the transformation
  • ​Selling is Sleazy business owners are terrified of judgement and rejection… business owners with a ‘sales equals transformation’ mindset detach their identity and value from the outcome.

Business owners that are focused on the transformation that comes from the sale know that ‘selling’ is the vehicle to enable their client or customer to have more success in their own life or business.

  • They embrace the sales conversation as an opportunity to show what is possible for the other person, and they don’t let their past beliefs dictate what’s possible for their own future.
  • When you are able to let go of the ‘selling is sleazy’ mindset and start thinking from a ‘sales equals transformation’ mindset you’ll get totally clear on what you need to do to connect with your client and have them buy into your vision for them.
  • ​You’ll be able to overcome your fear and discomfort so that you confidently offer your services, help more people, and make more money in your business.

And that’s exactly what I’m here to help you do: help you STEP INTO a ‘sales equals transformation’ mindset and hold powerful conversations that CONVERT PROSPECTS INTO CLIENTS.

- Sian Perham

Sarah is great fun to work with. Passionate, fun and knowledgable.
Her laser sharp focus and wit ensure great content and value in every session. Sarah is always generous in sharing her ideas to improve your own ideas. 
Thanks Sarah!
Introducing the 
Conversations That Convert Bootcamp!
My Conversations That Convert Bootcamp isn’t just a sales skills course like others you may have taken.
…It’s a system that that you can follow each and every time you have a consultation with a potential client.
  • The ‘Mind Power’ module that will help you reframe ‘selling’ and get you on the right path to success.
  • The ‘Conversation Power’ module that guides you step by step through the conversations that convert blueprint to make sure you know exactly what to say at every point of the conversation.
  • ​The ‘Body Power’ module to give you voice and body language tools and tips that will increase your confidence and charisma.
Let me show you what you’re going to get inside Conversations that Convert once you join the course …
Value Packed Modules  
Module 1 - Mindset Power
The tools to transform your inner game and build your confidence.

Your ability to be authentic, self-expressed and confident in sales conversations is related to your mindset.

Inside Module #1, You’ll discover:
  •  Your beliefs about selling that are holding you back – quite possibly without you knowing it.
  •  Strategies, tools and tips for getting past them to what you really want.
  • … and more
Once you are able to reframe your relationship with ‘selling’ and conquer that conflict and discomfort we’ll move on to…
Module 2 – Conversation Power
The Conversations That Convert blueprint.

This module will enable you to know what to say and when to say it… 

your confidence will soar, and so will your results!

Inside Module #2, You’ll Discover:
  •  A framework and tools that you can use time and again to ensure your sales conversations hit the mark even if you only have a few moments to prepare.
  •  How to stay in control of the conversation, leading your prospective client or customer to seeing the value of your offer without you having to sell
  •  How to make your ‘offer’ in a natural and powerful way… (if they haven’t already demanded your product or service before you get the chance!)
  • … and more

  •  A framework and tools that you can use time and again to ensure your sales conversations hit the mark even if you only have a few moments to prepare.
  •  How to stay in control of the conversation, leading your prospective client or customer to seeing the value of your offer without you having to sell
  •  How to make your ‘offer’ in a natural and powerful way… (if they haven’t already demanded your product or service before you get the chance!)
  • … and more

By the end of this module you’ll start to feel in control and your confidence levels about sales conversations and your ability to convey the value of what you offer will be high.

Then we move on to…
Module 3 – Body Power
By this point you know how to get your mind in the optimum state for these 121 conversations. You will also have been given the blueprint and the tools to lead the discussion with power and control. 

In this module we want to ensure that your voice and body are aligned with that power.

Inside Module #3, You’ll Discover:
  •  Tips to ensure that your voice doesn’t undermine your credibility and supports you at the most critical points of the conversation.
  •  What you can do to ensure your non-verbal language is on the same page as and supporting the words you are saying.
  • … and more!
By the end of these three modules, you’ll have completely transformed the mindset you have around sales conversations and the way that you prepare for and deliver them. 

You’ll feel excited about and you’ll be ready to share your message with passion and impact!
What People Have to say about sarah and her courses...

- Jo Smyth, WordWorker 

“I found Sarah’s bootcamp invaluable for two reasons. Firstly, I really enjoyed the content of the course which gave me an opportunity to step out of my business, think about why I do what I do, what motivates me and so will hopefully motivate people to buy my services. Secondly, Sarah herself; she is excellent at asking those ‘why’ questions and teasing out ideas and information, so I ended up with an origin story, and ultimately a pitch, that I am happy with and feel fully reflects me, what I do, and why I do it. I’d definitely recommend it to others.” 

- Jane Abbot, Smart PA

“Having launched my business six months prior to attending the Stories That Sell Bootcamp I found that I was having lots of ‘nice’ conversations with people at networking events but was struggling to actually convert these into sales. After meeting Sarah, and hearing her speak, I realised that I needed to tailor my message in such a way that it hit on the pain point or ultimate goal of my potential clients - I knew what this was, but hadn’t been able to find the right way to articulate it. The bootcamp was just what I needed. Within my group there were a diverse range of businesses and personalities which enabled us all to look at our specific offering from a number of different perspectives. Sarah combined practical exercises, to tease out our stories, with hints and tips on how to structure our sales pitch in a way to would appeal to potential clients."
So, How Much Is It??
I believe it’s a small investment in yourself that will pay dividends in the future, whether more confidence around your offer, leads for your business, or the joy of seeing your sales conversations themselves change lives.

It’s an investment that will pay you back way into the future.

It’s a transformation that frees you from the conflict that you’ve been feeling around ‘selling’ that has kept you stuck and struggling in growing your business.

And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it’s an easy choice.
only £147!!
So now it’s time to make one of two choices.
You can choose to do nothing, keep stuck in that ‘selling is sleazy’ mindset, avoiding sales conversations and putting business success at risk.

BUT, if you are fed up with feeling internal conflict, overwhelm and anxiety and you want to make a greater impact in the world, then your choice is obvious; join me inside Conversations that Convert and start your transformation and the transformation of others by becoming the great salesperson you know you want to be.

Simply click the button below and I will be waiting for you on the inside.
 With the conversations that convert Bootcamp you Will:
  • ​Discover your beliefs about selling that are holding you back.
  • ​Learn strategies, tools and tips for getting past them to what you really want.
  • ​Get the framework that will give you everything you need for powerful sales conversations.
  •  Learn how to stay in control of the conversation.
  •  Know how to give value to your prospects yet, leave them wanting more.
  •  Tips to ensure your voice and body are congruent with your conversation.
start thinking from (what I call) a 
‘sales equals transformation’ mindset
Now Having said All that…
Conversations that Convert is definitely NOT for everyone.
It’s all about action, so that you get the transformation and results that you want at the end of the programme.

It will require you to step outside your comfort zone on the journey too.
If you’re not really ready to commit to making a change, investing in yourself and taking action even if it’s uncomfortable at times.

Then it’s not for you.

BUT, if you’re ready to do what you have to do and be who you have to be to get the sales that you want for your business, then I know that this bootcamp can be a game changer for you.

Now you can read all the testimonials and listen to me coach on my podcasts as well if you want reassurance but let me de-risk this for you even further.

I’m going to give you a 30-day guarantee and if at any time in those 30 days you don’t feel this program is working for you then I’ll give a 100% refund.

All you have to do is send an email showing me you’ve done the work and I’ll send you your money. This is because I’m 100% committed and I need you to be the same.

Nothing WILL work for you if you do nothing.
Conversations that convert - online course
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Still HAVE questions before enrolling?
Then check out the most popular questions below:
If you don’t see you question answered, 

so we can help you.
What makes you so sure it will work?
Conversations that Convert is based on my own research, experience and the results I have got for my clients.

The bootcamp has been specifically crafted to replicate the success path I’ve taught my previous live students in an online format.
 I absolutely hate selling, are you going to be able to sort this out?
I certainly haven’t got a magic wand, but if you are committed and prepared to step outside your comfort zone, then I have tools and strategies to help you, help yourself to overcome your fears.

One of my students just a few months before working with me could barely say her name at a networking event and is now a top seller for an MLM company!
How will I know I’m making progress?
If you have anxiety about sales conversations now, you will know you’re making progress by the way that your feelings towards it change.

If you have struggled to know what to say and do in those conversations before, you will know you are making progress because you will actually be using the blueprint. Whilst it will feel clunky as you get used to it, eventually you’ll know it by heart and you’ll be ready for any sales conversation whenever it happens!

I know this system works and with your commitment and action it will work for you too.
Will I get access to the training modules straight away?
Yes, you will get access to the modules as soon as you enrol.
How much time will this course take to implement?
The course has been designed to be manageable for busy business owners like you, but you can go at your own pace.

Also, you can begin using the blueprint as soon as you want.
I hate technology! Do I need to be tech-savvy in order to make this work?
No. If you can manage Facebook or LinkedIn then you will be fine with the training videos and exercises, and if you have any problems my support team will help.

What can I expect once I enrol in Conversations that Convert?
Upon completing your order, you will receive an email immediately welcoming you and giving instructions so that you can access the modules.
What is the guarantee/refund policy for Conversations that Convert?
We offer a 30-day conditional guarantee. We do not offer refunds.

All I require is that you’ve COMPLETED the course modules AND submitted a Debrief from any of the strategies taught in the program. This is my commitment to you.

I want there to be NO RISK whatsoever when you decide to enrol and join the program.
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This programme is for people who want to get better results with their marketing and grow their business.

Over the 12 weeks you will get all the training, tools and support to help you implement the Story Led Marketing System, so that you are leveraging your content to drive traffic and free leads to your business.
By the end of the programme, if you have taken action and followed the process, you will have:
  • More clarity on your target customer, your irresistible offer and your customer’s buying journey.
  •  Your origin story.
  •  Six pieces of pillar content that take your target avatar around the customer acquisition journey.
  • Discovered how to use hooks and stories to make your content sexy!
  •  Identified and created at least three hooks into each piece of pillar content.
  •  Clarity on the best platform and most effective ways to generate organic traffic and leads for your business.
  •  A better understanding of FB Ads and how they could work for you.
  •  An understanding of sales funnels and how they could work for you.
  •  A template for gathering testimonials in a way that tells a compelling story.
  • … and lots more!
This is for you if you are committed to:
  • Getting results.
  •  Attending the training sessions.
  •  Asking for help and getting clarity if you aren’t sure about something.
  •  Giving constructive feedback to the rest of the group and receiving the same about your business
  •  Completing your assignments.
  •  Holding your programme ‘buddy’ accountable and being held accountable by yours.
  •  Pushing through your limiting beliefs to grow yourself and your business.
Based on all the above, if you want to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity then we’d love you to fill out the application form opposite!
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