Get Your Business Noticed in 2019
That’s the sound of Your business exploding into next year when you clarify your message and share it in an engaging and compelling way with our 
special Business Blast Off Package.
“The video was very well received. It provided a complete, and engaging overview of the program offered. We used it on our landing page and saw a 30% increase in conversions with the video, and a 20% increase in click through rate when we use the video on social media.”
Jenkins Ebiware Jr, MD - Samex LLC
(Whiteboard Animation Package)
“Exceptional work with very good communication. Our subject is not an easy one and many people struggle to understand what we do, but Sarah immediately got it and delivered perfectly and much faster than deadline. Thanks so much.”
Marco Buonaiuto, Founder - Crate 
(Elevator Pitch, Animation Script)
How Can You Surf the New Year Wave of Aspiration…
As soon as the turkey is cold, the crackers are pulled, and everyone is regretting eating their own body weight in Quality Street their thoughts will turn to 2019… to new goals for their life and their businesses.

Imagine what could happen if you have some killer marketing assets ready for the New Year... assets that show them what you offer and how it will help them get what they want. The timing couldn’t be better to ride this wave of aspiration and get more sales!
This opportunity is right for you if…
  •  You have a special offer you want to promote in 2019 and you want to be sure you connect with your dream customer. 
  •  You have been struggling to find a way to make your business stand out and you want to increase your brand awareness. 
  •  You want to freshen up your marketing and take advantage of the power of storytelling and video 
  •  You want to tap the sales boosting power of compelling copy, but have a limited budget 
Unleash the Power of Storytelling in Your Business!
You know that you need to invest in powerful, persuasive, heart-centered sales copy for your business. You probably know that great copy with stories sells products and services better than anything else.
But there’s a problem… until now it’s been outside your budget.
What’s the potential cost of continuing without engaging and compelling marketing material?
No sales!
Is it really that important? You bet it is!

It’s hooks and stories that sell your products and services – whether they are on your website, typed out, or in your pitch and spoken, or in a script for a video or whiteboard animation.

It’s easier to understand the importance if we look at how businesses fail:
1) Someone has a bright business idea.
2) That same someone gets their business cards and plans done
3) Then they put a website up… often a free one or one a family member made.
4) And then they sit back and wait for the orders to roll in.

Guess what happens next?


You need words and stories to get them to the website in the first place and then when they get there you need words and stories to make them stay and make them buy!
Let us help you to create the magic… 
Story Led Marketing has been formed by Sarah Archer and Emma Hopkins and both have been helping businesses grow in their previous companies. Sarah with copywriting, storytelling, comedy and business coaching and Emma through her videos in her company Animate That. 

They have been collaborating for some time and decided to create a new, exciting marketing company that uses storytelling and humour in copy and video for businesses that want to power up sales, employee engagement or brand awareness.

To celebrate the launch of Story Led Marketing we have put together a very special, very limited Business Blast Off Package:
Here’s what’s included:
  •  Killer Elevator Pitch (30 & 50 Second Versions) - £199
After consulting with you to make sure your target customer, USP and message are clear, we will create a unique, memorable, pitch that’ll get to the heart of the problem you're solving and will present your offer in a way that will captivate your audience and win you more business.
Picture yourself actually looking forward to the presentation part of the network meeting knowing you have the perfect pitch in your pocket…and you can use that same pitch as killer copy on your website!

  •  Whiteboard Animation Package (45 & 60 Second Versions) - £299
Harness the power of video and storytelling and let us create a whiteboard animation as an explainer for your product or service, a sales video, or an engaging video for your employees (this includes the script, whiteboard animation with stock images and music, and voiceover). If you want to see some examples of animations we've done click here.
A video on your website, or social media platforms will increase engagement and conversion by as much as 80%!

  •  Five Quote / Testimonial Cards - £49
Get the attention of your dream customer with these eye-catching mini-animations. Use them for quotes that compliment your offer or for customer testimonials.
Great for all social media platforms, with these puppies you’ll be creating a bit of wow around your brand!
“I now feel much more confident when speaking to prospects and have a solid back story which encapsulates my journey and highlights how this has enabled me to help others in a similar predicament. ”
 Jane Abbot - Smart PA 
(Elevator Pitch & Origin Story)
What is so special about this package?
We’ve designed this package to give you coordinated multi-channel marketing assets that will enable you to get your message out there in person, on social media and through your website to blast off your business in 2019. 

The usual price of this package if bought individually would be well over £500, but we are offering nearly 50% discount to celebrate the launch of Story Led Marketing.

It is an extremely limited opportunity… we promise this is the first and last time we will be discounting our services, and some people will think we’re crazy for offering this package at this price… and we are… but only a little bit… as we’re making JUST 10 available…and only one package per business…and it's only available until 14th January 2019 at 7pm or we sell out...whichever comes first. :)
How Much Is It, Already?
The price for this package is £299.

I know right!! You won't want to miss out on this amazing one-time offer that is discounted by almost 50% on our normal prices!
Ready to Take Advantage of This Opportunity and Give Your Business a Massive Boost Towards More Sales?
The only way products get sold is through the power of stories and great sales copy.

That’s what you’re about to get with this package.

Now picture getting more sales.

Probably just one would get you a return on this investment.

Now...make it real.

Step through into that picture by taking action...
Take Advantage of This Opportunity Now
What happens after I buy?
We start our simple seven step creation process:

1) You get an email with a link to book a call with us.
2) We have a consultation call where we clarify the details of the project
3) We create your pitch, whiteboard script & five quote/testimonials images
4) You give us feedback and we make any changes
5) You get a story board for the animation
6) You feedback on the story board
7) We create the animation and deliver it to you!
Just 10 Available! Seize This Opportunity While You Can
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